Taker Mythology

by Starvist

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released June 22, 2012



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Starvist Salt Lake City, Utah

We're a hardcore band from Salt Lake City. Our EP "Taker Mythology" was released at Crucial Fest on June 22nd, 2012. Check out our Facebook page for 2 free downloads.

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Track Name: With Man Gone, Will There Be Hope For Gorilla?
We've forgotten how to live.
Mother Culture lulls us back to sleep, she implores us not to think. Programmed in our minds since birth, the world is ours so take what's yours.
We've forgotten what is real.
A cancerous populous, seven billion and counting.
The world is on it's deathbed.
Still we build, and build, and build.
When does it end?
How far do we have to fall before we realize pedaling harder won't make us fly?
Trial and error is a disastrous way to build a civilization.
It's up to us to make a change, take a stand.
Five severed fingers do not make a hand.
Cognitive dissonance.
Ignoring intuition.
Waste not, want not.
We want. We want.
Track Name: You Just Don't Fool Me Twice
We're being led to slaughter, blood black as oil.
What was yours is now ours.
War crimes in headlines.
Pedaling freedom just to deceive them.
Drink it up, they don't need it.
The livestock believe it.
It's all fake.
Addicts of intake.
Exhaust, exhausted.
Lives lost at what cost?
This is not right.
Following mongers with silver tongues.
We should be ashamed.
Stop and think, don't buy it.
Track Name: Cash Cow
If there's a dollar in your pocket, then you owe it to someone.
The well's run dry so cash in while you can.
It's all fake.
Cash, credit, or check?
Paper or plastic?
It's all fake.
Forfeit your profits, your counterfeit benefits.
Take and take and take and take and take.
Worship your idols, the great golden calf.
Worship your idols, the great golden calf.
Sit ever idle as interest grows cash.
Run from their opaque bullshit, it's a scam and you know it.
Take no stock in the market, it's a scam and you know it.
Spend your fortunes, there's a bailout waiting.
The almighty dollar rules us all.
God is money.
Money is god.
Dead presidents, false idols.
Banks, pickpockets.
Stop your worship, you don't need it.
Salaries, benefits, they're all made up.
You can free yourself.
Track Name: Bigot
God hates fags you say?
Spread your hate elsewhere.
You can lie and like sheep they will follow.
The blood of the lamb has gone to your head.
Separate church and state.
Keep your ideals to yourself.
Apostate leaders with hidden agendas.
Lay in wait like sidewalk worms to die.
Your day will come.
Hate that which you don't understand.
Open up your eyes.
You stand at your pedestal, eyes aglow with power.
God forbid it's one of your kids.
Track Name: All You Can Eat
With this appetite, we will eat ourselves.
Super-sized kids with super-sized parents.
Plump gluttons addicted to drive-thru because they've deep fried their brains.
Eat up.
Artificial additives in this genetically modified trash.
Your food has been locked up with eight more just like it. Shitting and clawing, beaks through the bars.
The consumers and the consumed, we're all born to die for someone else's fortune.